All of the essays that you find on this site come from the slightly warped mind of Scott Nesbitt. That being me, but you probably already figured that out …

I’m a Canadian writer who transplanted himself to New Zealand a few years ago. While I make my living doing corporate writing and penning articles for obscure publications read by obscure people, I have a particular fascination with the essay. Not the kind we all wrote in high school and university, but expository and personal writing. Writing that tells a story, that explains an issue, that freezes a moment in time.

With these occasional essays, I’m offering a point of view. With every essay I write and publish here, I try to take to heart what Irwin Shaw once said:

He is on a journey and he is reporting in: ”This is where I think I am and this is what this place looks like.

I hope the essays here convey something of that sentiment. At the very least, I hope that I can get you to pause and think. That, I believe, is the goal of any essayist.

Licensing and Such

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